Nelson Drag Racing Association - Results
Motley Crue vs NDRA End of Season 9 Hole Golf Tournament

Best Individual Golfers
1st Clinton (35)
2nd Gordon (36)

Worst Individual Golfers
1st Slob (64)
2nd Fergus (64)

Best Team
1st Clinton, Wayne, Shane, Damian. Score 146
2nd Gordon, Pat, Aidee, Craig & Piper. Score 156

Worst Team
1st Slob, James, Pipi, Fergus

Best Caddie

Most Lost Balls
1st James (9)
2nd Aidy (8)

Best Fuck Up
1st Peter hitting Fergus

Best Injury
1st Fergus receiving a head shot

Team Winners

1st Losers
Motley Crue

In Summary: Best day ever. Thank you to Dave, Desi, Pat, all the others @ the Motley Crue for organising what was an excellent day from all the guys @ the NDRA.

We are all looking forward to the re- match.

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